How to Fold an AK-47 Receiver Flat without a Bending Jig
   This is the easiest way I've found to fold a AK-47 recever flat without using an expensive bending jig or fixture. (alot of the bending jigs on the market aren't that great either about aligning the holes in the receiver) KEEP IN MIND THIS IS NOT THE PREFERRED METHOD OF BUILDING, BUT IF YOUR BUDGET ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO PURCHASE OR RENT A BENDING JIG THIS IS ONE WAY OF GETTING IT DONE. Now, most of the templates you will find online are for AK-47 receiver bends or prebent blanks so the trigger group holes won't line up with a receiver flat perfectly. Just align the template down the center with the magwell and trigger cutouts on the receiver flat and glue it in place. (you can measure from the ends to make sure your bend lines are in the proper place before you scribe them to double check the alignment but it's always turned up exact everytime I've aligned a AK-47 paper receiver template with the magwell cutout on the receiver flat.) I use a glue stick from Walmart or Office Depot and let it dry overnight. Then, use a dremel tool with a cutoff wheel to scribe the bend lines about halfway thru the metal. (about .020) You can bend the top over without scribing it but you'll need a vice and a hammer (a long flat piece of steel the length of the receiver helps too but you can get by without it). If you don't have a vice, just make your scribe marks near the top of the AK receiver flat (judge how much you need to bend at the top by looking at the amount of receiver that will fit inside your front and rear trunions) and tap it over with a small hammer or bend by hand. *Important* BEND THE TOP FIRST. It's easier to bend the top while it's still flat. Kinda tough to get the receiver in a vice after the center is folded so be sure to bend the top first. You can weld the seams if you like. I've done both welded and unwelded and both seem to hold up about the same. I'm sure the receiver is stronger if the seams are welded but it's up to the builder to determine the final product. Unwelded would also be a bit on the dangerous side so I'd go with a welded up final product if it were me.
  Now that's one way I have done it. I listed this info for general knowledge purposes only. I am in no way suggesting anyone do anything about working on their own firearm if they're not completely 100% comfortable with it. There are many Gunsmiths out there that would be happy to tackle a project for you I'm sure. I learn by doing. I've had many set backs, especially when trying to work with these AK-47 receiver flats and bending jigs but I have made a few accomplishments.

On the next page we'll get into installing rivets.