AK-47 Receiver Bend Blank Instructions
First, cut out the the template exactly on the lines. Use an exacto knife or razor blade. You can use a pair of scissors but be careful. Practice placing the template and lining it up on the AK bend blank. If you need to , you can make some marks on the template or the blank with a black magic marker to help you line it up properly. Apply a glue stick or glue pen on the bend blank and also on the template. Loosely place the template on the blank, align it and press it in place. It's a good idea to let it set up overnight to let the glue cure a bit before starting your work.
Now we're ready to begin. Find a small 1x2 piece of wood about the length of the bend blank, If you can find or make something 1.250 inches wide and at least as long as the bend, it'll work great because this wood block needs to fit inside the bend so it will support it as you drill the holes. It's also a good idea to have the wood block in the center for support so you can center punch the holes you are about to drill in the blank. If at all possible you need to use a drill press. Particularly on the hammer pin and trigger pin holes as these must be perfectly straight from one side to the other of the AK blank. Some guys have had a little trouble here before. They placed their template a little crooked on the blank, then drilled the holes one side at a time. That made for misaligned holes in the blank and caused assembly problems. To keep from having this happen to you, remember to use a drill press, and drill thru both sides of the blank at one time. Top to bottom. Start on the side of the receiver that has the smaller holes. Drill those all the way thru both sides. Then you'll have the alignment problem whipped because your starting holes are now perfectly centered with each other. Now you can go to the other side and enlarge the holes as needed to size because they were drilled on center with the small holes. I'm sure you get the idea.
Checking the length. The bend blank should be trimmed very close to the length of 10.25 inches. To remove some length from the blank, use a hacksaw,  (or a better tool if you have it) A cut off saw works great for me. Remove some from the end of the blank taking into consideration where the template has been properly placed The ends may be a little rough from the cut they need only be sanded a little if you like. A nice piece of 240 wet or dry sandpaper on a flat surface will work fine for this if you're looking for perfection but you can also use them as they are.
Trimming the top, There won't be alot of trimming to be done at the top but some is needed. Most guys use a dremel or other type rotary tool and a cut off wheel to slice thru this portion of the job. It's not hard work but it takes some time and also some skill to make the cut off wheel last by not heating it up. A hot wheel wears out FAST, so unless you wanna change alot of cutoff wheels, take your time. It'll get there. You can judge about how much you need to leave at the top by looking at your trunion blocks. The front and rear blocks have a notch at the top. The receiver blank will fit into these notches. Leave enough material at the top to fit into the top of the blocks so that when the bend is pressed together against the blocks you'll measure about 1.250 to 1.260 on the ID of the receiver bend. Many templates will not include the top section of the receiver as this is usually a custom fit to your bolt carrier.It'll be a little trial and error fitting at the top, just remember it's pretty easy to take metal off but it's pretty tough to put it back on. So, a little at a time until you have everything fitting like you want it. If there's a finished AK-47 receiver you can look at, it'll help you understand the top section better. Look for some AK-47 pics on the other pages. I'll try to get some pics of my next build and post them for reference.
Marking the trunnion block holes: The AK-47 or AK-74 trunion holes are not marked on most templates for a good reason. There's alot of different mounting positions for blocks from one AK-47 Mfg to the next. So even though all the trigger pin and hammer dimensions are almost all about the same for most AK-47 rifles, the trunnion holes can be wayyyy different. The AK-47 template we have online is not marked for the trunnion holes. You'll need to compare the measurements from your kit,make a home made template for the trunnion rivets, and double check before drilling to be safe. The easiest method I've found is to take a piece of paper, fit it to the AK trunion block and mark the hole positions. Take your pattern you just made and place it on one side of the receiver. Punch and then drill the holes completely thru both sides at one time (don't forget to use your wood support block you made). Just like the trigger and hammer pin deal, if we drill the trunnion mounting holes all the way thru both sides, there won't be an alignment problem and the holes will be perfectly centered on each other. A little tip on placing you trunnion template you made: When you place your trunnion hole template, first slide the trunnion block into the receiver blank a little. Now use the trusty black marker or something more exact if you like, to make a mark on the side of the blank as to where the hole in the trunnion block is gonna hit on the side of the blank. Then just make sure you line your trunnion template hole on the mark you made and you're AK-47 rifle should be ready for business.
The rest is just cutting with the dremel tool and keeping the sizes correct on the holes and cutouts.
When placing the receiver bolt guide rails, just remember to mount them around .280 from the top of the receiver to the top of the bolt guide rail. Some guys use a small socket that measures the right amount to keep the bolt guides around .280 from the top. Keep them running true with the top of your receiver. (.280 at the front and .280 at the back) The gap between the bolt guide rails and the barrel trunnion block should be approx .060 If you use bolts to mount the rails it's a little easier to adjust them up or down. Remember if you mount the rails too low, the bolt may catch on the top of the magazine. If you mount the rails too high, the bolt may not pick up the cartridge out of the magazine. A little up or down adjustment will easily cure these bugs. If you stamp weld the rails in place, you better be exact. The first few project builds I recommend bolting the guide rails in place. After you've gained some experience from a few builds, then maybe start stamp welding. These are merely guidelines and I hope you find them useful. Of course everyone has their own way of building, so if you do something that works better for you or seems easier, that's great. You're learning and gaining experience!! Good Luck.